My Momentary Return to Virtual Reality

August 14, 2010 at 7:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I must apologize to any (if any) readers who have been awaiting new posts. I got caught up in real life and although I had things I wanted to blog about recently, I haven’t really sat down to put my fingers to keyboard for much longer than it takes to check my email since about February. I guess that says a lot of about my real life, which validates that I do have one, at least.

For those who care, I am still working on my education while working for the Navy. This summer I took two classes through Capitol College at the local higher education center: Mathematical Method for Engineers and Laplace & Fourier Transforms. Both had their relative merits and I’m glad that I did. I reassured myself that I still understand calculus, and I refreshed my memory on the algebraic methods required to break complicated polynomial fractions into partial fractions before applying an inverse Laplace transform (which was a new technique I learned. I learned to use MATLAB beyond the basic functions and I even wrote some small m files to help solve systems of equations. So, I am pleased with the result.

Right now, I am finally on vacation. My parents, one of my sisters and one of her friends are with me. My uncle Sam works for Marriot, and he was kind enough to let us use his vacation week at the Marriot Grande Ocean resort in Hilton Head Island. We also took a trip to Savannah, GA to visit my grandmother and a few cousins. It’s the second day. I am in love with the semitropical climate already. Where else can you find Spanish moss alongside palm trees, with tidal pools and seagulls, soft sandy beaches as far as the eye can see and the horizon? Well, somewhere you’re bound to other than here, but there’s nothing like this in Maryland as far as I’m aware.

Regardless, I will not spend my vacation online for very long. Hence the title of this post. But I strayed online because I wanted to look up one of the authors that I have recently discovered. And she is worth touting on here, because she is the kind of creative writer that I strive to be in secret. if you knew me professionally, you’d probably be shocked to find out that I spend an inordinate amount of time reading fiction and writing fiction. Considering my field of choice is physics and my career field is in Defense, fiction seems a far cry from my professional goals. But Leah Stewart is one of the few authors that I have read and immediately said to myself, “Yes. This is the kind of writer that I want to be.” Her latest novel, Husband and Wife, recently was published. I have also recently read “The Myth of You and Me” and had the same reaction. I liked that one so much, I bought it. I’m usually the library book type because I read them faster than it would take to drive to a bookstore, browse around and buy one. Leah Stewart is worth reading, folks, so take note and go get one of her books. And then drive down to Hilton Head Island, knock on the door of my condo and I’ll get you situated next to me on the beach, cocktail in hand, to read yours while I read mine.


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