Television Rants… again

December 17, 2009 at 1:55 pm (Uncategorized)

I am starting to really hate television networks. I’m not a big TV person, never have been, primarily because every time a show comes about that is actually worth watching (and by that I mean the plot isn’t based on some idiot in real life) it gets canceled before it can gain the following that networks deem worthwhile. Cases in point: in 2009 alone, ABC axed Eastwick and Defying Gravity in favor of… you guessed it… more reality TV! Anyone sick of seeing pathetic people vying for fifteen minutes of fame? How about some real intellectual material, or some lighthearted entertainment that doesn’t involve watching fat people step on a scale in their underwear or trash talking with bleeps every other second?

I like the idea of airing shows on hulu and other streaming media sites, because it allows people with real lives (read: people who don’t sit on their ass all day and watch TV) to catch up with the shows they like without needing to subscribe to DVR service. In this economy, hulu has found a way to reach people without costing them money. TV networks, however, are only allowing hulu to air their shows in hopes that it will lead the viewers to go back to the old days of making TV time. They pull the shows that receive the good following online but lack the statistics on live TV.

Wake up and smell the opportunity, folks. The internet isn’t goin’ anywhere. Either change with the times, or stop lamenting the fact that people aren’t watching your shows, because it’s the network’s fault people are reduced to catching the five episodes the network decided to air before pulling the show on hulu instead of building a following for airing it on real live TV! How many new shows can gain the traction (aka MONEY) from five to ten episodes? If you can think of any, please enlighten me. It takes promotion and dedication on the part of the network to get the numbers, and ABC failed miserably at promoting the very shows that might have gotten that following had they been given more than a passing chance to succeed.

Then the press blames the actors for the failures… Is it really Lindsay Price’s fault that the network barely promoted her show, let run all of eight episodes and then pulled the final five? What’s more of a waste… making thirteen episodes, airing eight and then neglecting to air the final five that might have resolved the story lines and gained support, all in favor of airing yet another reality TV show? Or letting the single season story lines evolve to the point where people are hooked, gaining the support required (in the eyes of the network) to guarantee a slot for another season, boosting the views online and building the hype through targeted advertising? No wonder you’re losing viewers, ABC! And Defying Gravity had the same problem from the same network. Hm.

And ABC still can’t “figure out” when to air the final five episodes of Defying Gravity. By the time they figure it out, anyone with half a brain (like the smart people who watch the show) can find the final five either via watching them on Canadian TV websites like Channel 13, or using torrent software. So guess what. When they finally get around to airing them, they’ll point to a lack of viewers as further evidence. But the network’s delay is perpetuating the failure! For any of you interested in seeing the final episodes, send me an email and I’ll tell you how.

A few places to vent, if you feel the same. My comments are on there!


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