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October 24, 2009 at 4:28 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome. Apparently, even though I followed all directions, my first real post was not saved. I will try to duplicate it but I have to tell you, the name of this blog is really kind of prophetic… in a bad way.

So, this is my first blog ever, and I am (well, was) really excited about it. I consider myself a writer, albeit mostly in a local/organization newspaper/newsletter context. I also write fiction in my spare time and I occasionally share it with trusted friends and family for feedback. But I have a wide variety of interests that don’t mesh well in ordinary contexts and I rarely get to have conversations about the things that interest me most without the inevitable,  “Mm Hmm… listen, Emily, I am not a rocket scientist. I don’t even like science, so let’s talk about (fill in the blank here with something that really doesn’t interest me at all)” or “Um, Em, listen I gotta go (blah blah), but you can tell me about your semiconductor research tomorrow, ok?” and believe me, with respect to that comment, tomorrow never comes. I understand. I rarely want to listen to people ramble on either, if their topic doesn’t interest me and I have something better to do. So I thought by creating a blog, I can have an outlet to talk about things I care about, without fear of the aforementioned inevitable. Of course, there are always comments…

Seriously though, my first post was more upbeat and focused on such exciting things as why I named this blog as I did. Having spent all that time only to find that instead of uploading the post, it was not saved and the generic post that wordpress starts you out with was saved instead, well… needless to say more. I just copied all of the above, in case of terrible repeat events. Now comes the fun part.

So I named this blog for one of my favorite songs, Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” Intuitive. But seriously, it’s a good example of the context issue I mentioned before. Music and science are two of my favorite things to talk about… and that song captures both my favorite things AND my life’s current state of affairs. I realized this year that in spite of nobody saying it would be easy, I really didn’t expect it to be this hard.

Don’t get me wrong– the status quo is not all bad. But there has been a series of unfortunate events this year. I bought a house (which initially seemed fortunate, as my fiance and I were living out of my parents’ house and sharing a bathroom with my 13 year old sister), but then within a month I got laid off. My fiance proposed in April and we made plans to get married next year… and then I got laid off and his position was declared unnecessary within a month after that. He still is working, thanks to some creative manipulation, but he lives in fear of the eventual layoff too. I can’t find a position anywhere right now. We can’t afford a wedding when we’re living like this, and owning a home is ridiculously nerve wracking at times. Like when two appliances break the same week your in-laws are going to visit for the first time AND your fiance is getting baptized AND you have a gigantic exam in your Electricity & Magnetism class. Yep, that’s where I am.

In classic overachiever mode, I picked this week to also jumpstart a blog. So please, bear with me, offer me condolences or criticism, and know that I am looking forward to great things with this endeavor… so you should too.


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